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Quantitas is a technology-based company, whose main activity is developed in R+D+i projects, in the energy and ICT sectors, through the integration of ICT technologies in smart grids and distributed generation. Our main lines of development are:



    Quantitas is a software developer with experience in developing applications for measurement, control, operation and optimization of power / electricity generation in buildings and industry, focused on improving energy efficiency of facilities and processes. These applications are based on a development platform that provides:

    • Treatment of large amounts of data (Big Data)
    • Cloud Computing
    • Programming with open source code
    • Development of models using data mining techniques and statistical treatment, self-learning algorithms

    To perform tests designed to verify the quality of electricity supply in distribution networks or to verify the compliance of generation units with the technical requirements. Currently under accreditation by ENAC. Dynamic simulations and integration studies are also conducted in network generation facilities.


    To obtain meteorological data oriented to the assessment of wind and solar potential (PV and CSP). This area is accredited by ENAC, according to ISO 17025. Our own procedures allow us the use of equipment non-accredited by any other company or research centers.

As featured projects:

  • SAPEB UAV Project (Advanced system for the planning and exploitation of biomass, using unmanned aerial vehicles)

    Recently approved by the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society of Spanish Goverment, where we provide the development of models and software necessary for the interpretation and subsequent use of all the data collected by different sensors such as LIDAR for forest management and other uses.

  • SMSESB project (Smart Metering for Energy Service Companies in the field of Biomass)

    Approved by Secretary of State for Telecommunications and the Information Society of Spanish Goverment, to develop a tool for control and management of biomass heating systems for ESCOs.

  • “Energy Control Center QUANTIC Saas”

    Project, approved by ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spanish Government, inside AVANZA2 program.

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, through its program “INNCORPORA TU 2012”, has funded the hiring of a university graduate in the development of R&D&i activities during a period of 3 years. Record: INC-TU-2012-2534.