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QuanTIC SaaS

QuanTIC SaaS

Software for remote management, operation and control of Intelligent Buildings and Efficient Industries.

  • Intelligent Buildings: Energy, Facilities
  • Efficient Industries: Process, Power and Facilities
QuanTIC SaaS

  • Systems integration (hardware, software, control and communications):
    • Generation and consumption: electricity, heating and cooling, gas, water, etc..
    • Industrial process data: business intelligence.
    • Air conditioning
    • Security
    • Lighting
  • Software as a Service, on cloud servers, web access any device, using Open Source and free communication protocols TCP / IP, Mbus, etc..
  • Optimization of facilities through use of existing and adapting to the requirements for remote management.

QuanTIC SaaS is a project R & D Competitiveness (TSI-020603-2012-57) funded by: