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Any renewable generation project is to be developed, part of the evaluation of the existing energy resource at the site. For this it is necessary to manage in many cases, many meteorological data obtained over time in different locations, with different equipments and quality levels.

Similarly, this problem may occur once the project has been launched and is desired to have control over their operation and functioning in centralized way with other projects.

To address this, we developed QuanDATA SaaS. It is an application that manages and processes meteorological data used for energy evaluation of sites for renewable generation projects, wind, solar photovoltaic and solar concentration.

The specific advantages that use of QuanDATA SW provides are:

  • Integration of existing stations (sensors, loggers, software, control and communications).
  • Software as a Service, on cloud servers, web access from any device and use of global communications.
  • Quality assurance, security and independence of data accredited by electronic signature, timestamp and data encryption.
  • Filtering, data correction and reporting through the software.
  • Management and operation of new or existing stations in remote and centralized way.